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Innovative Press Machine

In cooperation with Willmes Presses Germany

Willmes History  

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Willmes was founded in 1918 and has been making wine presses ever since 1951.
Willmes was the inventor of the pneumatic press system and is the first name for outstanding technology in the manufacture of wine presses in every wine-growing country of the world.
Willmes presses are used in over 50% of all wineries in Germany and in all key companies involved in the wine processing industry around the world.
Willmes is the technological market leader.


  • 2004: Willmes presents a new, flexible juice drain with sensational performance data.
    The juice extraction area is ten times the size of all previous juice extraction versions.
    This leads to even shorter pressing times and even gentler pressing. Moreover, easy cleaning has been made far easier still with the FLEXIDRAIN.
    The hygienic cleaning of a wine press has never been so easy! 
  • 2003: Willmes replaces the manufacture of the classical tank press with the SIGMA.
    The qualitative and commercial advantages of this system become available to a wide public for the first time.
  • 2001: At the INTERVITIS 2001, Willmes receives the Gold Award for Innovation in official recognition of the most modern, most gentle and efficient grape receiving station in the world. 
  • 2000: In Ruppertsberg in the Pfalz the company planned, designed and built the most modern grape receiving station in the world.
    Other such plants of a similar quality and a range of sizes are envisaged over coming years. 
  • 1999: Willmes successfully develops a combined central juice extraction system and hermetically sealed tank press, manufacturing it in all different sizes.
  • 1992: At the INTERVITIS 1992, Willmes is awarded the Gold Award for Innovation in official recognition of the central juice extraction system. 
  • 1984: Willmes developed the central juice extraction system, which permits the even gentler handling of the must and speedier and more flexible processing.
    The vertical drains in the middle of the must take the juice away at the point at which it is formed. 
  • 1974: This was the year in which a Willmes invention became a generic concept in the industry:
    This is still being sold today as a "technical standard".
    It was the first hermetically sealed press system to be capable of both static and pneumatic pressing, leading to revolutionary improvements in the quality of the juice in both small-scale and large-scale operations.
  • 1957: Willmes developed the external spindle press.
    This press became the most sold press of all time.
    It is virtually indestructible and has provided the basis for the company's legendary image of quality. 
  • 1951: With the invention of the first pneumatic press, the WILLMES press, Willmes revolutionized the entire method by which the grapes were processed.
    This made it possible for the first time to extract the juice from a large surface area of grapes with only minimal absolute pressure.
    Today, pneumatic pressing is still the measure of all things when it comes to the pressing of grapes. 


Globalization has long been underway at Willmes. Willmes is an international company with partners throughout the world.
Experience gained from the whole range of economic, ecological and even fashionable practical constraints around the world have been fed into the development at Willmes of products to meet market requirements.
These products are patented worldwide in order to guarantee that every customer receives products which reflect the state
the-art in technology and are of the high quality to be expected from Willmes.
All new developments are designed with the upgrading of existing presses and the long-term availability of spare parts in mind.
Virtually all Willmes presses are still in operation! Willmes has always taken its partnership with wine processing companies seriously, not just since yesterday, and shall continue to do so in the future.