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Natural and Synthetic Corks

in cooperation with Gultig Corks

Quality knows no Boundaries

Suppose you asked us the secret of our success. We would have to admit that the only answer we could give is: There is no secret!

After all it is well known throughout the wine world how incredibly demanding we are when it comes to quality and innovation .

Our prestigious - and satisfied - customers worldwide, as well as our expert research and development partners are all well aware of how exacting we are

The Quality of Experience

Taken over by Günther Bleckmann and his family in 1969, it grew to the point where it is now a truly global operation with production sites and sales offices in Portugal , France , North and South America , South Africa and Eastern Europe                                                                

It was German inventiveness and a love of wine that led three people, back in 1953, to find a completely novel way to sterilize corks; among them, Heinrich Gültig, a former mayor of Heilbronn .
An immensely creative team, their patented “Gültig Process” revolutionized the processing of cork stoppers a
nd became the international industry standard. That same year the company, Gültig Corks, was founded as a family business.