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Enzymes are very large, complex protein molecules consisting of intertwined chains of amino acids.
Enzymes are formed within the cells of all living creatures, and are distinguishable from other proteins due to their catalytic activity.
All enzymes are highly efficient at increasing the reaction rate of biochemical processes which otherwise would proceed very slowly or not at all.
Enzymes are formed in living cells and therefore operate at moderate temperature, pH and pressure conditions, and are environmental friendly.

Enzymes are being used increasingly in textile processing, mainly in the finishing of fabrics and garments.
Major applications in the textile industry include desizing, enzymatic bio polishing, and more.

Enzymes are produced by fermentation techniques.
Under aseptic conditions, the fermentation 'broth' is first superheated to form a completely sterile nutrient medium.
The nutrient is then converted into the desired enzyme by the action of selected microorganisms in the presence of oxygen.
After the fermentation cycle is complete, a number of centrifugal, filtration and precipitation processes are used to separate the enzyme from the mother liquor.

Rakuto Kasei Israel is specializing in enzymes for the textile industry such as alfa-amylase, cellulase, catalase, and proteases.
Enzymes are distributed to the end customer in a formulated form.
Rakuto Kasei's staff has experience of over 20 years in the application of enzymes in the textile industry.