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Filtration Technologies and Auxiliaries

Advanced filtration technologies

BEGEROW was established in 1933 and initially manufactured filter flakes from asbestos and cellulose fibers. The production of depth filter sheets commenced in 1947.
The international breakthrough of begerow, who had quickly become a familiar name throughout Germany, came in 1974 with the production of first ever asbestos-free filter sheet.
As a producer of filter media, filter systems and filter aids, Begerow today is in great international demand and has agencies in more than 60 countries.
Begerow's research and development department is continuously engaged in innovative products and new processes for filtration applications.
Products from Begerow are used in the production of soft and alcoholic beverages in wineries, breweries, fruit juice companies and distilleries, and also in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
With all its branches in France, Italy, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria and the USA, Begerow employs more than 200 people worldwide.