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Wine Technology

Products and Technologies for the Wine and Beverages Industries

Rakuto Kasei (Israel) Ltd. opened the Wine Products Division in 1996, with Begerow Filtration products. Rakuto Kasei Wine Product Division distributes products, new technologies, cleaning agents, disinfectants and raw materials for the Wine and Beverage Industries to leading Wineries, Breweries and more. We work with world renown companies in the wine technology field such as WillmesZork, Tensid, and more. We have a wide selection of products and no compromise when it comes to quality.

As a leading global company Rakuto Kasei chooses its partners carefully, to offer our customers a selection of the best. Rakuto Kasei is proud of its partners- who are all leading producers in their fields worldwide.  Our committee of leading experts evaluates products and new technologies in the field, making sure only the top producers in the world gain their distribution through Rakuto Kasei.

Over the years, our wine technology division has offered a growing variety of products, and our agents continue to keep up-to-date with the latest market innovations.