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Zork -applications & recycle information


ZORK PopCap has been designed so that it can be applied to a European CETIE finish cork mouth bottle in both screw capping (ROTE) and corking machines. The feed system of the ROTE machine can be easily modified to suit the ZORK closure. We have developed custom designed capping heads to retro fit all styles of ROTE capping machines. The ZORK capping heads use the downward motion of a ROTE machine to smoothly and easily push the ZORK closure on at the same rate as cork.

Re-use & Recycle  

ZORK PopCap is 100% recyclable. ZORK encourages the re-use of ZORK PopCap. ZORK is ideal for your kitchen drawer to stopper a half full bottle of wine. ZORK PopCap is made from polyethylene, the most commonly used plastic in food and beverage packaging worldwide. Coded with international recycling code (4), ZORK PopCap can be placed out with other recycling items for regular council collection. ZORK is currently undergoing specialist trials with several recyclers who are recycling ZORK with other polymers to make plastic lumbar, commonly used in the community, for park benches, outdoor furniture, public bollards and retaining walls. We are also working with product design students to find innovative was of using recycled ZORK material. 

Click to Download recycle.pdf (57Kb)