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Membranes & Cartridges

Filter cartridges for beverage and food applications


Filter cartridges are used for the clear filtration of liquids with low solids content up to a maximum of 0.1 percent by weight. Possible applications for filter cartridges range from particle separation through nominal depth filtration cartridges (BECO PROTECT«) to absolute sterile filtration and separation of micro-organisms via membrane filter cartridges (BECO MEMBRAN«).

With separation limits between 100 Ám and 0.2 Ám, the BECO
« cartridges range covers a very broad spectrum of liquid filtration applications. Moreover, a variety of filter media and types are available. In addition to different filter lengths between 10" (25 cm) and 40" (100 cm), a variety of adapter types are available.


Now also available, Begerow's new and innovative BECO PROTECT« TS TWINStream cartridge with a significantly larger filtration area that leads to lower blocking tendency. This new innovation grants twice the product service lifetime compared with conventional standard filter cartridges, and much faster filtration. Depth filter cartridges from the BECO PROTECT« TS TWINStream range between 20 Ám and 0.2 Ám and are used in a variety of applications in the beverage and food industry.