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Affiliated Companies

Rakuto Kasei Israel is proud to be a part of a group of companies that have synergistic activity with Rakuto:

Gramse Pharmaceuticals was purchased in 1998 and sells finished pharmaceuticals products, vitamins and natural food supplements. in2018 Gramse and Moraz from Israel created a joint venture named Gramse International which is selling Gramse products both nationwide and overseas.

Biodalia Microbiological Technologies manufactures and markets bioinsecticides for agriculture and for mosquitoes control, and is active in contract manufacturing of biochemicals by fermentation, industrial bioprocess development and R&D. Biodalia exports its products to numerous countries overseas.

Our Food Distribution Department supplies high quality products to both the retail market and the food service market across Israel. The activity is carried out through a partnership with Diplomat Distributors,  which started its activity in August 2011  under the company of RAKUTO DIPLOMAT international. The company is marketing premium products  and reaches more than 4,000 point of sales.

The entire Rakuto Group is dedicated to the maximization of its human resources by creating more options and technological values for the benefit of its shareholders.