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Inax Japan was established in 1924 and has been operating for over 85 years. Inax is the top household equipment and premium ceramics producer in Japan. Since its establishment, Inax have been committed to providing high quality products and very passionate about stylish design, cutting edge technology, and finer vitreous china expertise.

The American architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo in 1924. The production facility of the Japanese tiles used in the construction of this famous hotel's walls and floors is the root of Inax.

Ever since then Inax has been taking good care of a spirit of "monozukuri"- "making things" and contributing to numerous project by architects and designers while adapting artisan and craftsmanship of Japanese beauty into the products. This spirit has also been utilized not only for products but also for various cultural activities such the restoration of historically and architecturally important building and establishment of the INAX Tile Museum for the public.


In late 2011 Rakuto Kasei Israel was appointed as the sole and exclusive distributor of Inax and Lixil group in Israel.


For more details on the products of Inax sold in Israel please visit the web site: